Why exercise is so important during pregnancy

Sitting is the new smoking. I have heard this sentence again and again in recent training courses
heard and this makes it clear how important exercise is in our lives in general and that
we tend to move less and less, professionally and privately.
Of course, this applies all the more to the period of pregnancy and after
childbed. Here you want to do everything for your own health and that of the baby and you
is often much more aware of everything. Movement is well-being and helps against
Complaints due to gaining weight during pregnancy and the consequent
associated increasing immobility. Even after the confinement it is important with
Postnatal gymnastics to get moving again so that you can get back to others later
to skip sports.
Of course, you always have to do the right amount and the right type of movement
are respected and the top priority is to listen to your own body and yourself
to judge what is good for him and what is not good for him. Important also not over
Going beyond pain limits in misunderstood ambition or impatience that the
Body and weight should be back to what they were before the as quickly as possible