Support in case of a miscarriage

For those affected, a miscarriage is often not only a painful experience, but
also a big problem how to deal with it afterwards. It’s still about
a big taboo subject and only a few speak very openly about it with those around them.
But it affects a lot of women and once it’s addressed, you get caught
once also many experience reports from the close family and circle of friends. That alone
The feeling of not being alone with this experience is very good.
Everyone has their own way and rhythm of dealing with negative experiences
or grief overcome. Most of the time, however, the exchange with like-minded people or experts does the trick
very good and helps to classify and process everything correctly. Rituals and Memorabilia
can also be of great help here.
Before trying to get pregnant again, the experience should be processed so that
the next child does not already start life with a burden and be too
star sisters or brothers must at least partially replace. And also for
the mother herself is burdened by unresolved experiences from previous pregnancies and
Births often result in subsequent pregnancies.