Breastfeeding – yes or no?

Breastfeed or bottle feed? A decision that only the woman can make herself, because only she has to make it later and only she knows her family situation best. When I ask most expectant mothers if they intend to breastfeed, they answer “yes, if it works” or “yes, if I have enough milk”. Others tend to be more apologetic in the negative, ready to justify themselves, or more bold in their approach, expecting persuasion or reproach if they do not intend to breastfeed.
There are still many uncertainties and myths surrounding the topic of breastfeeding. Most mothers want to breastfeed, but are also very unsettled by stories from relatives or friends. Some, on the other hand, imagine it too easy and quickly give up when difficulties arise. Our body feeds the child for 9 months of pregnancy, why should it stop after birth? It is therefore important to have trust in our body. Like childbirth, breastfeeding is a team effort between mother and child. Therefore, the mother only has 50% success in her hands, the other half lies with the child. Nowadays, mothers are under a lot of pressure, because the environment usually expects breastfeeding to be a matter of course. If they don’t, or if for some reason it’s not possible for them, there is often a hail of hurtful comments or hasty and unsolicited advice, although those concerned do not even know the exact situation of the woman who has recently given birth. It is therefore important, if desired, to prepare well for breastfeeding and then to have the midwife support you in childbirth on the path that the mother wants to take with her child, regardless of what others think of it.